Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Original Designer Mint

I realize that this is a beauty blog, but ladies let me tell you, you cannot be beautiful if your breath is "stank". So let me tell you about this wonderful mint -- Hint Mint is "The Original Designer Mint" and they are launching their new Artist Based Series. This is a limited edition series that Hint Mint offers each year. The Hint Mint tin is designed by a well known artist. This year the artist is Glenn Barr. The tins are super fun and sexy and are sure to be a big hit. Of course the mints are great too! They are perfect purse mints. The chic 1920's cigarette case style tins make for cute purse accessories, even after the mints are finished. What's great about the Glenn Barr tins is they are only available for a limited time and will eventually be a collectors item. Celebrity fans of Hint Mint include George Clooney, Kiefer Sutherland and Jamie Foxx (to name a few of the many)! Retail $3-$4 and available in boutiques and online nationwide! Check out their website

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